You need IMG to be in your IMaGination.

First impressions are important, but lasting impressions? Invaluable! 


We have helped businesses succeed since 1977. IMG creates award-winning media strategies, managing all aspects of production and design. Our team of technically savvy and inspired professionals is dedicated to continuing this legacy by developing media solutions across the spectrum, from expertly crafted videos to interactive digital media products. We have the talent, the tools, and the know-how to engage your audience.

Collective creativity inspired by peers.

The IMG culture breeds curiosity. Adapting to new technologies is part & parcel to advancement. Our team is consistently lauded as masters in their various skill sets & collaboratively they want to keep pushing the creative ball forward.

Our leadership team is passionate about your business. When one is in a constant state of creativity, ideas naturally flourish.

IMG’s business model is built on flexibility & adaptability. Why? We perpetually harness the constant technological changes that impact our industry. Earning your trust is invaluable, so creative excellence is our unwavering goal. The inclusiveness of our culture results in every member of our team taking great pride in achieving client satisfaction.


“There’s no “I” in “IMG”!”

A constantly evolving creative matrix of shared, inspired interests sums up the IMG culture. Creative risks are easier when you know you have a panel of experts at your disposal who happen to be among your best friends. Collaboration is the name of the game. People come and go, but that remarkable “spirit of IMG”, that team mentality, is so ingrained in the corporate culture that new hires automatically absorb it and exude it.


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Forty years in business & in one city, our Nation’s Capital!

IMG continues to enjoy the technological road trip & the creative process just as we did on day one! It doesn’t get old. Decades of media orchestrating takes a great deal of resourceful purpose to keep in front of creative changes. Over fifty talented artisans, all with highly skilled areas of specialization and expertise meld their minds to keep reimagining what is possible. IMG provides outstanding media offerings locally, nationally & internationally. Formats are in a constant state of change – we accept & adapt.