Museum Week DIA

On Day 3 of IMG’s Museum Week, we share with you our latest collaboration. Smithsonian Exhibits and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) brought us onboard to help create the agency’s first-ever museum. Led by visionary Greg Elder and his history branch, the museum offers a fascinating window into the Agency’s mission and missions, and the role of intelligence in forming the United States. Theme by theme, section by section, interactive display by interactive display, the stories dramatically unfold: How did laundry help win a decisive battle in the Civil War? How are the movie “Top Gun” and DIA analysts connected? How do you hide an entire missile silo? Could you rescue a missing operative before it’s too late? Can you spot a spy?

Two highlights: Amid life-like mannequins and real-life missiles is a real-time 3D world map showing the enormous global presence of the agency. Made of 100,000 polygons, the interactive map is a constant reminder of the herculean task DIA takes on each day: to makes sense of disparate pieces of intelligence and find the larger picture. There’s also a theatre experience, video galleries filled with mini documentaries, and an illuminated – interactive memorial wall honoring DIA’s fallen heroes. We are so proud to have been chosen to help build a museum of this caliber.


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