360 Zoo

The VR Zoo at the Dubai Aquarium was a massive undertaking. It consisted of filming 12 separate endangered species, building a state-of-the-art viewing space, and developing a kiosk app to tell the conservation stories of these animals. Directed by VArtisan’s Mark Lambert, the project filmed 360 video on land and underwater in Uganda, Tanzania, Egypt, South Africa, Maldives and Australia.

The VR Zoo tells the stories of African elephants, cheetahs, dugong, mountain gorillas, lions, manta rays, meerkats, white rhinos, sealions, sea turtles, whale sharks and the rare white lion. Viewers enter a custom pod and select an animal to play a 3-minute VR experience. They’ll observe the animals in their natural habitat, learn about how they live, the dangers they face, and what is being done to save the species.


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