End of an Era

The Blender Foundation has just released Blender 2.93. The latest version of Blender marks the end of the 2.x series and the next version will be Blender 3, scheduled for the third quarter of 2021. 

This new version brings a slew of improvements, including a re-written depth-of-field system in EEVEE, capable of better handling of edges and close-up objects, improved EEVEE volumetrics, now with support for soft shadows, new geometry nodes, a brand-new spreadsheet editor, improvements to sculpt masks, grease pencil and cycles, and much more. 

Blender 2.93 is also an LTS release, meaning it will be supported parallel to regular releases until 2023. This allows studios working on long-term projects to reduce the number of pipeline updates mid-project while still getting bug fixes and minor improvements. 

You can learn more and download the latest version here:


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