Museum Week NMAI

Welcome to the second day of Museum Week! Today we’re visiting a museum we’ve been in partnership with since before they broke ground. The National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) is a major part of not only the Smithsonian Institution mission, but the landscape of the National Mall. You can’t – and shouldn’t- miss it. Starting with the most recent project: 1) A virtual grand opening of the stunning Native American Veterans Memorial. In this tour and tribute, we give the visitor a POV flythrough experience: a dark granite pathway leads you into a round, where in the center a giant metallic ring sets over a flame and water-topped drum, surrounded by four cardinal points. In the video, the head designer explains his intent: every element is symbolic, collectively they honor the heroism and sacrifice of Native American soldiers throughout U.S. history. His ultimate goal: to offer a place of reflection and healing for all those who seek it. 2) The Nation to Nation exhibit tells the important but often overlooked narrative of the relationship between the U.S. and the Native nations. Extraordinary artifacts, interactive games, multi-screen displays, and a powerful theatre experience narrated by Robert Redford, illuminate these stories of perseverance, strength, and honor. 3) Over the years and across many exhibits, NMAI has offered a singular overarching theme: the survival and everyday presence of Native Nations. IMG has been proud to help visitors explore this theme through inventive media installations, from large-scale video displays to an AR tunnel that had you walking with ancestors. Project after project, it’s been a privilege and pleasure.


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