Body Movin'

Adobe has released a long-awaited feature for Character Animator – body tracking. The new feature is now available on the Beta version of the software. Users can use the same camera feed as before to do real-time body tracking and animate their characters.

This new feature expands the possibilities for performance capture animation and is a huge step in making character animation faster and more accessible to everyone.

The new motion tracker uses Adobe Sensei technology to detect the performer’s limbs and joints. It translates that movement to an IK system used by the Limb IK behavior and the new body behavior. The user will see a preview of the IK tracking over the video feed, similar to the previous face tracker overlay.

The new body behavior can track up to 15 points using the camera feed and use those to control equivalent character handles without the need for any additional hardware or sensors.

You can try the new body tracking in the latest version of Adobe Character Animator today and learn more in the link below.

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