You’ve Got a Brand, Now What?

Nike. Apple. Coca-Cola. These brands all have one thing in common, global recognition. Why is that, what really makes them stand out? What environment did they create that ultimately gave their brand sticking power with consumers? Unearthing those lessons for your own brand will reap benefits for your brand. But how? Chances are you have ‘a story’. Develop it; build it out, share it with your audience and watch as they’ll connect to your brand.

Brand storytelling works. This influential method affects one’s emotions. Consumers have a constructive nature – they want to feel confident, believe in the something, a product they’re buying. Museums want to attract tourists; breweries want to entice craft beer enthusiasts. They do this through communicating what makes them different. Every brand has a story and a unique vision of how they want to be seen. Your story is just that, your story. Approach it with zeal, believability. Your intended audience will attach to & understand your brand better.

Nike – up close. The “Just Do It” campaign, launched in 1988, left competitors wondering how to get back in the game. The goal? Create an image of everyday people doing extraordinary things with Nike empowering them. The customer became the star of the story as they stood up against whatever challenges they faced. The first ad, created by Wieden + Kennedy, introduced an 80-year old Walt Stack doing his daily 17-mile run, joking about how he keeps his teeth from chattering.


The slogan worked and still does.  It’s simple, yet malleable enough that it could mean different things to different people. Once the audience added meaning to the brand, it connected with it on an emotional level. Using this new brand identity, and teaming up with a pretty good basketball player, Nike grew its share of the US athletic shoe industry to 40% over the next decade.


So, what makes for a strong, effective brand? Ask core questions, get productive solutions.

Why are you in business? What is your company’s mission? Who are the people that make you great? And Why should your audience care? The answers to these questions will give you an idea of the story you can tell.

Listen well to your audiences’ concerns, problems.

Recognize a need. Create a strong brand identity and tell your story well.

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